History 2001

Board Members

  • President:Bill Piotrowski (Leon);
  • Past-President: Carlotta Appleman (TCC)

Conference/Workshop Agendas

  • FAEDS 2001 Conference Agenda
  • Theme: “Somewhere In Time…” An IT Summit For IT Professionals
    From K12, Community Colleges and Universities.”

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims:  Mr. Rich Struense
  • Raymond Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award:  Mr. Jack Tinsley
  • Jack Kelly:  Mr. Steve Botts

Major Accomplishments

  • Conference attendance improves to over 260.
  • Outgoing Board of Directors – Jack Tinsley
  • FAEDS distributed position papers – notable was the support paper for all school districts being provided the option of Internet services via the state level FIRN network, including centralized shared management, backup/recovery, user support, and security – at lower cost and assuring connectivity for all districts. Legislature was considering cutting FIRN.

By Laws/Handybook