History 1988

Board Members

  • President:  Mr. Jack Tinsley
  • President Elect: Marie Dence
  • Past President & By-Laws Chair: 

Conference/Workshop Agendas

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims:  Ms. Marie Dence
  • Raymond Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award: (no award made)

Major Accomplishments

• FAEDS incorporated.
• “Job Stream” renamed “Network News” after years of debate.
• First Officers’ “Handybook” compiled.
• FAEDS cosponsors the new publication the FECQ (Florida Educational Computing Quarterly).
• English Scholarship to Nancie Hopins (Florida State University).
• Sims Scholarship to Christine McKoon (Brevard Community College).
• Fall Conference held in Tampa.
• Sims Award presented to Marie Dence.

By Laws/Handybook