History 1998

Board Members

  • President: Dan Cromer (Alachua)
  • President Elect:  Richard Struense

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims:  Mr. Dan Cromer
  • Raymond Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award:  Ms. Patricia Durant

Major Accomplishments

  • FAEDS-SDCCMIS was a Joint Conference
  • Two English Scholarships were awarded. One to Ken Crister of
    Apopke High School and the other to Jeffery Douglas of Lake
    Brantley High School.
  • FETC, which FAEDS was a primary sponsor, started a quarterly newsletter.
  • Bob Bedford is returning to FETC as a consultant.
  • FAEDS membership is at 135.
  • Registration fees are being increased to $75.