History 1997

Board Members

  • President: Cary Petersen
  • President Elect: Dan Cromer
  • Carlotta Appleman
  • Steve Miller
  • Fred Rabe
  • Ron Schoenau.

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims:  Mr. Al LeDuc
  • Raymond Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award:  Ms. Marie Dence


Major Accomplishments

  • Board Members Award presented for completion of terms: Fred Rabe,
    Murray Moore, Carlotta Appleman and Ron Schoenau.
  • 172 Conference Participants in Orlando.
  • There was continuing discussion about the FAEDS Logo. The Board
    has not received any submissions it feels comfortable presenting
    to the membership. Submissions continue to be welcomed.
  • Training tapes of University E-rate Applications available on web
    for all FAEDS Members.
  • Bill Schmid named CIO for Department of Education.
  • 158 FAEDS Members as of May’97
  • Bylaw changes were approved. (1) Section 4.03 was deleted and
    4.02 was evised to say the annual fees were voted on by the
    majority and Honorary members are not obligated to pay dues. (2)
    Section 5.04 now states the Past-President shall complete the term
    instead of President Elect in the event the President is unable to
    finish the term.(3) Deletion of Section 5.14 which stated the
    President of FAEDS serve on the FACE Board of Directors and vice
    versa. (4) Adding to Section 6.03 that written notice of meetings
    includes electronic means,e-mail and websites. (5) Adding to
    Section 8.01 that written notice for proposed amendments may be
    given by electronic means also.