History 1978

Board Members

  • President: Charles W. Lee, Central Florida Community College, Director of Data Processing
  • President Elect:  Mike Staggs, Orange County School District,k Systems Development Coordinator
  • Past President & By-Laws Chair: Ray Parker, St. Petersburg Vocational-Technical Institute, Director FVEIS
  • Treasurer: Lewis Nall, DOE
  • Secretary: Marilyn Badessa, Escambia County School District
  • Board Member:  Ronald McCord, Manatee Junior College, Director of Computing Center
  • Board Member: Mike Styers, Brevard Colunty School District, Operations and Training Supervisor
  • Board Member: Bruce Collins, Broward County School District
  • Board Member: Ad Gilbert, Palm Beach Junior College
  • Board Member: Jeff Hunter, Director SFECC
  • Board Member: Terry Shoultes, Palm Beach School District
  • Officers

Conference/Workshop Agendas

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims: Mr. Michael Staggs
  • Special Recognition Award:  Captain Grace Hopper

Major Accomplishments

  • First mention of FAEDS coordinated Installation Profile in
    extant minutes.
  • First year of conducting elections by mail-in ballots.
  • Membership back up to around 250 after a slight decrease in
    previous years.
  • Summer Conference held in West Palm Beach.
  • Sims Scholarship awarded to Karen Ann Oaks (Edison Community
    College) and Stephen Slessinger (Seminole Community College).
  • William English awarded the first FAEDS Honorary Lifetime
  • Jack Kelly elected chairman of the AEDS Council of Geographic
  • Fall Conference held in Orlando.
  • William English brought on as the FAEDS Executive Secretary.
  • President-elect was Mike Staggs.
  • Michael Staggs awarded Sims Award.
  • July 23, 1978 – first written documentation of Ray Parker (now
    past-president) making his famous motion to adjourn.