Conference Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in making our annual conference in Daytona Beach such a success. The time for collaborating with others was amazing. If you presented a session and would be willing to share it on our web site, please send it to

Congratulations to our award winners: George Perreault and Cali Stringer. George was awarded the Jack Kelly Award for having a positive effect on educational technology in the state of Florida. George’s work with Orange County Schools and ClassLink has made such a difference in education in Florida! Cali was awarded the Robert W. Sims Memorial Award for special recognition of her efforts on behalf of FAEDS. Cali has been instrumental in shepherding districts through the Digital Classroom Plan for the past three years!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for FAEDS 2018, September 23rd through 26th, at the Caribe Royale in Orlando.


FAEDS 2017 Conference Agenda

Student Data Privacy Consortium

Update on Cyber Security



Security Manager Workshop at FAEDS 2017

This year we are planning a full 2-day Security Manager Workshop to run concurrently during the conference (Mon/Tues) as an alternate track. This track would share the other FAEDS conference events (meals, keynote speakers and networking events). This security manager course will target IT Directors, CIO’s, Network Managers, CISO’s and other IT Leaders in your organization with important Information Security principles and practices.

The course instructor is a well-known Cyber Security Expert and faculty Fellow at the SANS Technology Institute, Dr. Eric Cole. The cost of this workshop is $1,500 per person and is for educational attendees only. In order to secure this fantastic security training event, there is a minimum enrollment that must be reached by late August, or we will have to cancel. For those who enroll, we are waiving the $150 FAEDS conference registration fee. FAEDS is also putting up to $15,000 to support the cost of this course. Please get your security related staff enrolled for this training opportunity from a recognized security expert at a very reasonable cost. You can pay online or select “Pay by Check” and pay during the 2017-18 SY (if needed), but please enroll now so we know how many participants are committed to attend, so that we can meet our minimum enrollment and appropriately size the room(s) needed to support this training event. Our goal is to reach 50 or more participants.

Eric Cole Bio

Day 1 – Implementing Effective Security:

  • Goals of Security
    • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability
    • Risk mitigation
    • Threat and vulnerabilities
  • Core Security Principles
    • Defense in depth
    • Least privilege
    • Prevention and detection
  • Approaches to Security
    • Protected Enclaves
    • Data Centric
    • Inbound and outbound
    • Data identification and classification
  • Network Architecture
    • Firewalls and preventive technology
    • Detection
    • Logging and event correlation
  • Endpoint Security
    • Isolated applications
    • Host based intrusion prevention
    • Application whitelisting
  • Communications Security
    • Cryptography
    • Symmetric, asymmetric and hashing
    • Key management and protection

Day 2 – Cyber Security Threats and Response:

  • Current Threat Landscape
    • Traditional vs advanced threats
    • Advanced persistent threats
    • Adversaries and targets
  • Anatomy of An Attack
    • Attacker kill chain
    • Persistence and pivot points
    • Command channels and beaconing
  • Incident Response
    • Six step incident handling process
    • Sample incidents
    • Timely detection and response
  • Threat Hunting
    • Approaches to threat hunting
    • Host based threat hunting
    • Network based threat hunting
  • Proactive Defense
    • Correlation and analysis
    • Reducing the attack surface
    • Network visibility
  • Offensive Response
    • System configuration to deter attacks
    • Deception for timely detection
    • Cloud based solutions
    • Data Correlation and analysis (SIEM)

1. Course Instructor: Dr. Eric Cole, Secure-Anchor and SANS Institute Senior Fellow Faculty

2. Course dates: 25/26 Sept 2017

3. Course participants are invited to join the FAEDS conference meals and networking events