History 1987

Board Members

  • President: Dr. Peggy Roblyer
  • President Elect: Jack Tinsley

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims:  Mr. Fred Kauffman
  • Raymond Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award:  Mr. Fred Rabe

Major Accomplishments

• AEDS reappears as IACE (International Association of Computers in Education).
• First “Conference Cookbook” compiled.
• Martha Eng (Duval County) received first CTOY Award.
• Final year that the Installation Survey was actually produced.
• Membership around 340 individuals.
• Gregory Stelmark (University of Southe Florida) awarded the Sims Scholarship.
• Matthew Lavoie (University of Central Florida) received the English Scholarship.
• Fall Conference in Tallahassee.
• Sims Award to Fred Kauffman.
• Raymond Parker Aid to FAEDS Award to Fred Rabe.