History 1970

Board Members

  • President:  Mrs. Mary Esther Raker
  • President Elect: Mr. Alton Kindred

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims: Mr. Everett Yarbrough

Major Accomplishments

  • Bylaws changed to remove lame-duck period for elected officials. (They take posts immediately.)
  • Bylaws also changed to provide for the election of a president-elect.
  • Dr. Henry Fox made official lobbyist.
  • AEDS national convention held in Miami Beach. It was the most successful in AEDS history to that point.
  • Membership around 250 individuals.
  • FAEDS drafts resolution in support of the SIRS Project which was in jeopardy due to budget cuts.
  • Alton R. Kindred elected FAEDS first president-elect.
  • Sims Scholarship changed from a loan to a grant.
  • Fall Conference held in Sarasota.
  • Everett Yarbrough (Leon) given Sims Memorial Award.