History 1979

Board Members

  • President:  Mr. Michael Staggs
  • President Elect: Mr. Ron McCord

Conference/Workshop Agendas

Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims: Mr. Laymon Gray
  • Ray Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award:  Mr. Jack Kelly


Major Accomplishments

  • FAEDS receives AEDS Outstanding Geographic Chapter Award.
  • Membership over 260.
  • Orlando chosen as site of 1982 AEDS National Convention.
  • Spring Conference held in St. Petersburg.
  • Sarasota host of Fall Conference.
  • Motion passed to conduct only one conference per year. It will be
    held in the Fall (beginning in 1981).
  • FAEDS president or designee to sit on FECN (Florida Educational Computing Network, precursor to FIRN) Steering Committee.
  • Honorary lifetime memberships awarded to Dr. Henry Fox, Dr. Robert
    Gates, Shirley Molen, and Everett Yarbrough.
  • Sims Award to Laymon Grays.
  • Aid to FAEDS Award to Jack Kelly.