History 1983

Below are the archives of FAEDS documents from the 1983.

Board Members

  • President:  Mr. Lew Nall
  • President Elect: Mr. Bernie Slessinger


Conference/Workshop Agendas


Budget documents

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Scholarship/award recipients

  • Robert W. Sims:  Mrs. Mary Esther Raker
  • Raymond Parker – Aid to FAEDS Award:  Mr. David Brittain



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Major Accomplishments

  • • Election procedures officially changed in bylaws: mail in balloting only elected officials take office immediately following Annual Meeting.
    • Mike Staggs given Honorary Lifetime Membership.
    • Fall Conference in Jacksonville.
    • Sims Award to Mary Esther Raker.
    • Aid to FAEDS Award to David Brittian.


By Laws/Handybook

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