History 1960’s

Past Presidents:

  • 1969-1970 — Mr. Theodore Koschler
  • 1968-1969 — Mr. William Wharton
  • 1967-1968 — Mr. Everett Yarbrough
  • 1966-1967 — Dr. Henry Fox
  • 1965-1966 — Mr. William English
  • 1964-1965 — Mr. William English
  • 1963-1964 — Mr. William English

Major Accomplishments

Founded in 1963, when 14 counties planning on utilizing centralized data processing met in Tallahassee on June 27th and 28th. They recognized the need for a data processing association and submitted an application for a state charter. Thomas D. Bailey (Tallahassee) is credited with the initial idea. Officially, the State association was formerly chartered in 1964 and signed by Myron Ashmore (Fort Lauderdale), Thomas Bailey, William English (Fort Lauderdale), Henry Fox (Miami), Robert Gates (Tallahassee), William McFatter (Fort Lauderdale), John Phillips (Clearwater), Robert Sims (Tallahassee), Thomas Smith (Titusville), and Gerald Wilson (Tampa). William J. English was elected the first president of the new organization.

The organization worked in conjunction with the statewide electronic data record initiative. The program aimed to enact electronic data collection and implementation of student records. In 1969, membership grew and FAEDS held a joint workshop with the national organization in Miami (April 28th through May 1st). Everett Yarbrough served as president of the national organization that year. FAEDS also began its scholarship program in 1969.