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Committee Job Descriptions

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Duties of the President

  1. Is responsible for the overall conduct of the organization.
  2. Shall preside over all official meetings of the FAEDS organization.
  3. Acts as chairperson at all FAEDS Board of Directors meetings.
  4. Maintains, coordinates and conducts correspondence related to FAEDS group affiliation.
  5. Selects committee chairpersons. This includes standing committees as well as ad hoc committees.
  6. Appoints a nominating committee with the Past President as chairperson, to select a slate of candidates for the coming year.
  7. Recommends to the Board of Directors a replacement should any Director or committee chairperson resign.
  8. Represents the FAEDS organization at meetings where a representative of FAEDS is appropriately requested. If unable to attend, appoints a member of FAEDS to attend.
  9. Begins term of office at the Fall Conference of one calendar year and ends at the Fall Conference of the next calendar year. Not subject to an immediate reelection.
  10. Directs Treasurer to arrange an annual audit of the financial records of the Association.
  11. Appoints ex-officio members of the board to serve in a liaison capacity.
  12. Serves as voting member of the FACE board.

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Duties of the President-Elect

    1. Assumes the duties of FAEDS President in the event that the President is unable to serve.
    2. Serves as a voting member of the FAEDS Board of Directors for three (3) consecutive years:
      • 1st year as President-Elect
      • 2nd year as President
      • 3rd year as Past President
    3. As President-Elect, acts as program chairperson for the FAEDS Fall Conference and any other conference which may be scheduled.

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Duties of the Past President

    1. Serves as a voting member of the FAEDS Board of Directors during the final year in office.
    2. Acts as chairperson for the nomination of candidates to the FAEDS Board of Directors. Presents the slate of candidates and conducts the election prior to the Fall Conference.

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Duties of the Membership Committee Chairperson

    1. Acts as chairperson for persons assigned as regional membership committee members. Coordinates regional membership activity as needed.
    2. Keeps an updated file of all active institutional and individual memberships.
    3. Prints membership labels and listings as authorized.
    4. Produces the FAEDS directory for distribution after the Fall Conference.
    5. Sends out invoices, both institutional and individual as required.
    6. Provides two lists:
      • Current members
      • General distribution

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Duties of the Nominating Committee

    1. The nominating committee will consist of the Past President as chairperson, and at least two (2) active members of FAEDS.
    2. In addition to the President, Past President and President-Elect, there are eight (8) other members of the FAEDS Board of Directors. Each year, four (4) of the eight Board positions will become vacant. The nominating committee will select at least two (2) candidates for each of those four (4) vacancies in addition to selecting candidates for President-Elect.
    3. Selections should be representative of all levels of education and geographic location. Committee members must assure that their selections will allow for representation of at least four (4) district units and at least two (2) institutions of higher education (see Bylaws Section 5.07).
    4. Candidates selected should:
      • Secure permission and agree in writing to serve a two-year term of office and to attend all Board meetings deemed necessary.
      • Be familiar with the FAEDS Bylaws and other requirements of the office.
      • Be a member of FAEDS.
    5. Prepare the ballots, conduct the election and report the results to the membership.
    6. Serving on the nominating committee will not preclude a person from being nominated.

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Duties of the Treasurer

    1. Serves as a voting member of the FAEDS Board of Directors.
    2. Maintains the Association’s financial records.
    3. Receives and deposits all monies due the Association.
    4. Pays all authorized debts of the Association.
    5. Prepares financial reports for presentation at the FAEDS conference and Board meetings.
    6. Arranges a yearly audit of the financial record.
    7. Issues invoices and collects payments for fiscal management fees from other agencies for whom FAEDS is the authorized fiscal agent.
    8. Serves on the Scholarship Committee.

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Duties of the Secretary

    1. Serves as a voting member of the FAEDS Board of Directors.
    2. Records and publishes the minutes of each conference business session.
    3. Records and publishes the minutes of all Board of Director’s meetings.
    4. Maintains a historical file of all FAEDS activities and correspondence.
    5. Assists the President and Board in producing any necessary correspondence.

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Duties of the Board of Directors

    1. The President, President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Secretary are the designated officers of the FAEDS Board of Directors and have specific duties listed elsewhere.
    2. All other members of the Board of Directors will serve a two (2) year term and are accorded equal voting privileges.
    3. The Network News Editor may be an ex officio member of the Board of Directors.
    4. Fills vacancies if an officer or director (excluding the President) is unable to complete a term of office. In the event of the resignation of the President-Elect, this vacancy will be decided by a new election by the membership.
    5. The Board of Directors will select which officers will serve as Treasurer and Secretary at the first Board meeting following the election.

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Duties of the Scholarship Committee

    1. The committee shall be comprised of the Chairperson, the president, and the Treasurer.
    2. Forwards information and applications for the William J. English Scholarship to Florida high school counselors in the Fall.
    3. Forwards information and applications for the Dr. Robert Sims Scholarships to post-secondary counselors in adult vocational schools, community colleges, and universities in the Fall.
    4. Reviews all applications and recommends to the Board of Directors the names and qualifications of two students to receive the scholarship awards.
    5. Notifies students who are to receive the award and asks that they acknowledge receipt of the award and provide the name of the college in which they are or intend to enroll. Upon receipt of this information, the committee chairperson will ask the Treasurer of FAEDS to write checks for the amount of the awards.
    6. Arranges time on the program for the students to present their projects to the FAEDS membership at the FAEDS Fall Conference.

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Duties of the Awards Committee

    1. This committee shall be comprised of a Chairperson, one regular member as appointed by the FAEDS President, the Membership Committee Chairperson, the Webmaster and the President-Elect.
    2. Procedures:
      • The committee will select a slate of candidates from within the FAEDS organization who they feel deserve special recognition for their efforts on behalf of FAEDS. Candidate(s) will then be selected by a 3/4 majority vote of the committee to receive the Robert. W. Sims Memorial Award for Outstanding Service to FAEDS.
      • The committee will select an appropriate award (preferably engraved); the chairperson will address the merits of the candidate(s) and present the award before the general membership of FAEDS at the Fall Conference.
      • Serving on this committee will not preclude a person from being considered for this award.
      • It is not mandatory that an award be made each year.
    3. The Committee will receive nominations of candidates to receive the Raymond Parker Aid to FAEDS Award. The Committee will select the recipient. The Chairperson will present the award at the Fall Conference.
    4. Prepares William J. English Past-President’s Award.
    5. Prepares certificates/awards for outgoing Board Members.
    6. The Committee will administer the Computer Teacher of the Year Award according to the published guidelines.
    7. Presents additional requests for awards to the Board for approval.

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Duties of the Bylaws Chairperson

    1. Studies Bylaws for inconsistency and errors.
    2. Places “Bylaws changes” on meeting agenda.
    3. Provides copies of proposed changes and presents them to members at least fifteen (15) days prior to the annual meeting and to all members attending the annual meeting.

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Duties of the Webmaster

    1. Posts minutes of the business meeting held at each Fall Conference immediately after the meeting.
    2. Posts summary of Conference including papers and presentations.
    3. Posts, before the Fall Conference, notices of program, comments, etc.

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Duties of the Local Arrangements Chairperson

    1. Responsible for recommending the convention site.
    2. Responsible for negotiating with potential sites for convention facilities.
    3. Responsible for coordination of convention facilities and activities before and during the conference.
    4. Serves as liaison between the FAEDS board and the host hotel.
    5. Recommends activities for FAEDS members and their families.
    6. Participates on the program committee.
    7. Coordinates supplies and equipment for speakers and sees that their needs are accommodated.
    8. Arranges for entertainment and door prizes during the convention.
    9. Coordinates registration and related materials.
    10. Recommends banquet facilities and menu.
    11. Coordinates vendor solicitation and participation.

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Duties of the Budget Chairperson

  1. Proposes an annual budget for the Association to be adopted by the Board of Directors.
  2. Arranges to have the adopted budget published in the Network News.
  3. Prepares the budget for distribution to the membership of the Association at the Annual Conference.
  4. Works with the budget committee, consisting of the President, President- Elect, Treasurer, and Budget Chairperson, to ensure that revenues and expenditures are consistent with Board approval with input and feedback from the membership at the Annual Conference.
  5. Maintains a spreadsheet of approved and actual revenues and expenditures for each fiscal year.

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